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Dr. Park Moon Soo

Your health is our priority.

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MUY HANKOOK Dental Clinic is equipped with more than 30 years of Korean medical technology and advanced equipment for treatment and treatment.

Services We Offer

Now, meet Korean dental technology in Phnom Penh.

Caries, Nerve Treatment

You can prevent major accidents in advance through an accurate and safe preliminary treatment program.

Caries, Nerve Treatment

If you already have severe symptoms in your teeth and need tooth decay and nerve treatment, you can receive accurate and safe treatment.

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Osstem Implant

Using Osstem Inflat, recognized as the best product in Korea, we will approach you with the same state-of-the-art modern medical equipment and 30 years of medical know-how as in Korea.

Hospital follow-up service

Although momentary treatment is important, we are providing more convenience to our customers through continuous dental treatment and care.

Every Sunday is a holiday.

Your personal case manager will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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Our Medical Centers

You can take care of your dental health here.

There is a treatment technology that minimizes pain with advanced equipment and specialized techniques.

We have the best treatment and treatment methods through many clinical treatments.

Our excellent professional team will assist you in your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

An implant is a replacement for a tooth that has been shaken and pulled out.

These implants will take 3-6 months.

Unlike natural teeth, implanted artificial teeth need to be taken care of because food often gets stuck.

Implants don’t last a lifetime. Therefore, follow-up care is important so that the bone of the implanted artificial tooth can be preserved without inflammation.

Meet our Medical Specialists

We are made up of the best professionals and work teams.

Khmer and Korean are available.

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Hospital business guidance and work.

What Our Patients Say

What are some impressive points?

"It is surprising that you can eat right after the implant treatment. And you hardly feel any pain during the treatment process."
Angelina Vive
"I received nerve treatment at a rural hospital, but my gums were swollen and my teeth were rotting, so I was able to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment with advanced medical equipment.."
Michael William

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

The latest Korean OSstem implants in Cambodia are here.


St No. 1003 Village Bayab Commune, Phnom Penh


Smart : 098 981 167
Metfone : 088 497 9877


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