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gemma cambodia

Why did you start Gemma Cambodia?

Cambodian people who understand Korean culture and Korean are increasing every year after returning from work in various industrial fields in Korea.
I started this business in the hope that such talented people will be able to continue economic activities.


made in korea

Amazing experience free from detergent

Gemmove Multi-ionizer for Shower -Heals Scalp, Skin, Gum. Gemma Korea, Gemma Cambodia

Gemma Cambodia open in 2022

Gemma Cambodia will be reorganized on March 27th to prepare for a fresh start and leap forward.

The world's best eco-friendly product

Differentiated products proven by technology

Multi-ion shower

It has now become an indispensable household item.
Feature Excellence
The excellent features of the multi-ion shower stand out.
Best choice
It is an amazing product with high satisfaction.


Is it possible to wash dishes and wash without detergent?


Wash your hair without shampoo?

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